Investing in Tomorrow’s leaders
 “Adi Zim Group” was established by Mr. Adi Zim, based on the holdings of “Mahsanei Kimat Hinam” (Almost Free Warehouses) (sold) and a group of companies owned and added over the years. 

Finance, Funding and Insurance Division - S.R. Accord (public company), Sense Capital Markets and Zim Agencies Management -
The Group operates in the area of financing, insurance, off-banking credit and foreign currency market, while taking advantage of its size and the Group's ability to provide financing to small and medium-sized organizations. At the beginning of 2018, Zim Insurance Agency Ltd. began to operate in the insurance sector while using the Group's relations with large entities.

Real estate division - “Zim Real Estate”, “Zim Prestigious Housing”, “Yakhin-Afek”, “Hof-Gal”, including solar complexes, engaged in the initiation, development and management of income-producing commercial and residential real estate. It also acquires and develops real estate complexes in attractive locations. 

Trade division - “Adi Zim General Transport” and “Mega Zim” are established companies in their fields and leaders in the industry of transporting baked goods, import and manufacture of food products. 

The Group is a partner and leader in technological ventures in the field - “COMAX/ERP” technology division - Internet computing, social media and retail.